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Moving house

I am moving my blog very soon, to Wordpress. I'm a bit sick of LJ and the fact there is really nothing happening on it. Plus you get stats on Wordpress which will help me understand who is reading my blog.

The URL will be


Whingy Wednesday

I wish it would just rain. Rather than being horribly muggy, overcast and intermittently dark and sunny. It's given me a headache.

Work. I'm nearing the end of my tether. I do 3 things well - manage projects, set up processes and deal with clients. I am doing one of those. I feel utterly under utilised and untrusted and overly bored. Appraisal next week and I shall have to bring up all these issues. Plus I am getting RSI and neck pain from this stupid desk. The desk that is on a slope so my office chair keeps rolling backwards. Sigh. Plus it's 29C in the office. No wonder I don't want to go to the gym, I am constantly over heated.

Hayfever. Oh when will I breathe properly again? Or maybe it's a cold. Who knows.

Being carless. I want to go watch a band on Thursday but they're a little out of town and the buses back into town are one an hour after 9pm. So it's a cab then and two buses to get there which makes it £4. So for three of us to go, £4 each makes it worth getting a cab both ways. Stupid. Plus we want to go camping in Wales at the end of the month which'll require a hire car. I wanted to help Liz move, but no car. I'd like to pop down and see Naomi for an afternoon and while it's not that difficult, it's still 4 hours on a bus rather than the 40 mins each way in a car.

Money. Nuff said. It's shit.

Private work. Difficult. If deadlines are straightforwards it's easy but complex projects are a lot more difficult.

Shoes. Why can't mine just stop hurting my feet? This is ridiculous. I've had them almost 3 years and they are giving me blisters now? I haven't worn them for oooh, 3 weeks and now, this? I feel betrayed by a pair of shoes. Ridiculous.

Food. Why can't nice things be non-calorific? 


It was all very chilled out - friday was after work drinks with some friends in central Bristol. I was in the pub at 5:40 and got home about midnight feeling really rather sick. I am turning into a binge drinker. I am the most hated of all women in the UK - the dreaded binge drinker. I revel in my dodgyness.

Saturday I sold Liz's bed at 9am. Selling furniture with a hangover appears to be a good speciality. I then went back to bed. On second arising I got myself sorted out and headed off to Naomi's - bus to Wells, and then further bus to Street. Surprisingly easy and surprisingly much cheaper than I expected. I forget how nice Wells is, I will go there again. We went out for dinner at the Olive Mill  with the lovely SJ and Caro. Delicious food and good company.

Sunday I headed home, went to the gym and then met the lovely Simon in town where we shopped and headed home for a proper 80s movie fest  - F/X and Cocktail. Awesome.

In other news, I haven't really lost much weight (4 lbs) since this epic has begun but I have noticed:-
- my cycle to work is faster and I'm not struggling up the hills as much.
- my clothes are slightly loser
- I have muscles in my legs.
This all makes me happier.


Finally! I found some polenta. Fried polenta, mushroom sauce, asparagus and smoked chicken. Mmmm

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Sunday dinner

smoked haddock poached in parsley milk with a parsley sauce and mash potato and beans & sweetcorn. mmmm

And then a total 80s movie fest watching Cocktail and F/X which was awesome.

Tin foil

Man I make good cake. That rhubarb and custard cake (previous post) is just as good a day later even after being wrapped in tin foil and bashed around in my handbag.  I love the lumps of custard in the cake. I never realised you could do that with custard but I am definitely going to try it again. I think it would go well with my autumn staple of Swedish apple cake.

I'm full of Friday joy today. It's been a really long week, mainly because it's been ridiculously hot where ever I am - the office is about 30C and home is not far off that and I've been cycling quite a bit so am basically always hot and sweaty. Which is awful. Constant dehydration is making me miserable and feel quite headachy all the time.

It's been a really quiet week this week as I'm trying to keep my extra-curricular activities down to things that I have already paid for or ain't going to be spending money on - this is my goal for July. Gym, watching tv and being outdoors is the key. This adds very nicely in with my goal of eating less and being slimmer.

Cake! Rhubarb and custard to be precise


And tart. Not me - olive, tomato, pesto, pine nuts and goats cheese.

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So 7% of Americans use Twitter. 8% use Linked In.

This just makes me wonder if so few of the general population actually use Twitter, why the net community is so keen to push using it as a marketing/advertising medium?


Diet fail

I didn't even eat that much this weekend and I am back to 12'2. It's too hot to eat in any case.


This is just irritating. I'm struggling to force myself to exercise much beyond my usual cycles to and from work and am averaging twice a week at the gym. Which ain't too bad really given that it's so hot but the goal is to do 5 or 6 hours of exercise a week and so far the cycles give me 3 hours and 30 mins.

I need something. I shall start my proper gym program tomorrow as I feel that I've been enough times that my muscles are used to working again and I should be able to walk after the first session. Or I shall go to body pump tomorrow morning, it's at 7:15 so I wouldn't expect it to be too busy.

God I hate this but I hate being overweight more.

I really need some new clothes as well. I appear to have lots of lovely dresses which are not suitable to work and loads of jeans but it's just too hot to wear jeans in the office where it regularly reaches 31C. Who knows what I should wear? At least I don't see clients so it doesn't need to be smart.



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